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End of project

We have come to the end of the project. All documentation and outputs are listed on the PrePARe project pages.  They are also made available through the University Library’s data management pages and Jorum.

There is also a report about the project on the Cambridge University Research News website.

Thanks are due to the JISC Digital Infrastructure Programme Manager, Neil Grindley, for his support throughout the project. We would also like to thank Malcolm Raggett (from the DICE project at LSE) and Patricia Sleeman (from the SHARD project, with the Institute of Historical Research) for a fruitful collaboration on some parts of this project.

We are also very grateful for support received from our colleagues in Cambridge.  We would like to thank staff from Cambridge University Library, CARET, CRASSH, the Graduate Development Programme and the Medical Library for providing feedback on drafts and resources.  Particular thanks go to Emma Coonan, Research Skills & Development Librarian for allowing us to run our training modules within the course Research Skills Programme.

We would like to give special thanks to the researchers, students, and support service staff who contributed to the requirements gathering phase, provided feedback to materials that we created and who attended the training courses that we piloted.

Comments on this blog are now closed.  If you have any questions, please contact the DSpace@Cambridge team: support@repository.cam.ac.uk.


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Our interviews showed that some researchers would like guidance in the following areas:

  • IPR (particularly journal publishers’ agreements and funders’ requirements for deposit)
  • Sharing data (particularly social media, personal and sensitive data)
  • Selection of material for disposal or retention.

Some researchers said they have little time to attend training and would prefer brief written resources – including online.  There is already a wealth of information on the Incremental project Data Management website, so the PrePARe project wanted to point to and increase use of this resource.

We have developed three new checklists to help with the areas listed above and to prompt readers to check the Data Management site for more information.  Each checklsit takes a slightly different approach:

Advice has been sought from specialists at the University of Cambridge, including the Solicitor / Copyright Officer, Information Compliance Officer, Deputy Keeper of the University Archives and the Research Skills Librarian.  The drafts have also been evaluated by a small number of researchers and revised in line with their comments.  We are very grateful to everyone for their very useful suggestions – and positive comments.

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