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March update

We have now interviewed twenty researchers which concludes our fieldwork. We will blog on the interview process shortly.

Currently we are busy writing up our findings and debating the outcomes. We are looking forward to the Knowledge Exchange Event next week (22nd March at LSE). Our advisory group will review our recommendations on the 29th March after which we will circulate what tools and resources we have decided to develop.


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January has been a busy month for the PrePARe project team.  We’ve welcomed our new Project Officer Fiona, who has been busy setting up interviews, and she and Barbara attended the project kick-off meeting in London.  Meanwhile Anna’s been working on the desk research and looking into existing support on digital preservation.

Together the team has also had several meetings to discuss the interview questionnaire.  Because the interviews are semi-structured we don’t want to be too rigid, and so our discussions focused on making sure that our questions were open, not leading and would cover our main areas of interest: what people know about digital preservation and where they want to go to get more guidance.  As we’ve carried out a few interviews, we’ve also been able to make some assessment about which questions work and refine questions which maybe don’t work so well.

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We have been successful in recruiting a Project Officer and expect our new team member to start in January. This will allow us to kickstart the interview rounds among researchers.

We have started on our desk research and are currently identifying potential participants within the University  to interview about their current preservation practices.  We are also finalising the interview questionnaire and will be talking to a couple of volunteers this week.

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